The Valley Animal Protectors!

We are an organization that helps helps an endangered animals and helps prevent animal hoarding and neglect. This organization is ran by kids


I just wanted to say sorry for not posting in awhile. I have a new blog now so if you want to stay updated on my life check it out here.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to help all animals and also to help stop extinction of endangered animals. We also want to help lost pets find their owners!

What is Animal Hoarding?

Animal hoarding is when you have so many animals that you struggle to take care of them. Then the animals can get sick and hungry. Usually the owners are trying to help animals by adopting a lot of them but then it ends up as animal hoarding. But that does not mean that if you adopt a lot of animals you are an animal hoarder. The Valley Animal Protectors is trying to stop this!

What is animal abuse?

Animal abuse is when you hurt an animal. Hoarding actually is a type of abuse too. Animal abuse can hurt animals physically and mentally. The Valley Animal Protectors trying to stop this.

What are endangered animals?

Endangered animals are animals that are threatened of extinction. As the Valley Animal Protectors we really want to stop this or at least help.

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